Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week#14 - IT BAND & TIU Bikini Series

Weighed in at 123.4lbs this morning. 
Had a hard time getting out of bed but the accountability helped. Thanks Jess :)

Knee is still very sore this morning. I will have a better idea on how sore it actually is when I walk down the hill to my car. Eek. I may or may not have cried when I walked into my apartment after my walk UP it last night. 

This morning I put on my sneakers and shifted my apartment around. I hit play to the new TIU Mermaid Routine. It burned in all of the right places. I found the positioning difficult to keep up with. Hoping my balance and familiarity of the moves will improve by the end of the week. 

After one time through of the Mermaid Routine I did one-time-through of the Sun Kissed Ab's routine. 

Now I am extremely hungry- wishing I had a blender. 
Hoping for an easy three miles this afternoon- more pushups and core post run. 

Have a great day! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #13 Sugarloaf Marathon

Today we walked into week 12 of marathon training.

I woke up out of a coma this morning with a stuffed up nose and head. I took 1 Tylenol PM before bed last night. I had (small) intentions to wake up early this morning to get my run/gym session over with. Unfortunately I slept through all my alarms, woke up in a haze, and was late for work. By 5 minutes. 

Can't keep up with sleep these days. 

Work went very well. I managed to get my (coffee, cereal + strawberries & blueberries, bottle of water) breakfast all before 9:00 a.m. That seriously is a shocker for me. Seriously. 

I did not keep up on the water today, I admit it. 
Daily intake- 40 fl. oz. maybe?
I weighed in at 120.4 lbs-- 
Daily SUPPOSE TO BE intake- 120.4 / 2 = 60 fl. oz. 
..not terrible i guess?

Lunch- Spicy tai noodles - with broccoli, peas, carrots, curry sauce. AKA poop smell in the cubicles. And poop smell on me? My stomach didn't like that very much- but my taste buds did.

Out of work by 5:15. Drove straight to Fleet Feet. Gave myself 5 minutes in my car to get situated- and boom out the door. I wore my black lulu lemon shorts, the top jess bought me with a vest overtop. Used my nano for the first time in awhile. It was so nice to put something in my pocket and not feel the weight of it. 

Scheduled run of the day: 4 miles. 
This run surprised me. 

Mile 1: 8:32 -- "am i seeing that number right?"
Mile 2- 8:44-- "if that number was right i better slow the F down"
Mile 3- 9:10--"calfs. calfs. calfs. stretch. calfs."
Mile 4- 8:23-- "i'm close. lets push."

Push-ups x10 (3 times)
Leg raises x20 (3 times)
Pull ups x15, 55 lbs (3 times)
Side crunch- 12.5 lb x20 each side (3 times)
Calf raises- x20 (3 times)
Rolled with a foam roller! god damn that thing. ow. 
Planks- 1 minute - 4 ways (2 times)

Sweet Potato with chicken, pepper jack & salsa. H20. 

Cleaned, prepped, talked to Jess, watch Louie tear up my apartment going 400 mph.

Alarm set: 4:50 a.m.
... training can be brutal. but i like it. i swear i do. 
goodnight world.