Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorial Day & Late Race Recapin'

I don't think we could have fit more into one weekend. 
It was one of those:
 1. wake up at 8
 2. make breakfast
 3. go to the grocery store
 4. plan every single minute of your day
 5. scratch off your list
 6. crap, where is the list?
 7. wonderful weekend. 

On Saturday my lovely roomie, Jess moved out of the apartment and headed north to my homeland for the summer- and within a blink of an eye, Scott moved out of his apartment and in with me! 
It has been so much fun playing house with him. Last night we were in HomeGoods at 9:00 p.m. Just sayin'. 

Moving onto the fun stuff. 

Saturday was the first long run scheduled since my training has picked up. I decided to register for the Pineland Farms 10k as a tester to see where I stood on my speed, endurance, and mental stamina. I have been pushing myself hard for the past two weeks to make up for anything lost over the winter. Which was a lot by the way. I will talk about my training in another post-- but I have taking a different route this time, and I think its going to work wonders. 

Saturday was the perfect day to run. 

Weather: It was supposed to rain all afternoon- luckily Mother N must have known I had a big race because it turned out to be a warm, sunny, happy day. I wasn't sure what to wear for layers. I was very thankful that I wore shorts and a tank in the end. 

Goal: I didn't think too much about goals prior to the race. As soon as I saw a parking lot full of opened trunks, matching t-shirts, and trotters (people who jog up down and around every street just to intimidate you) I realized that I might be a little nervous. Mainly since I knew I wasn't ready to race a 10k. So, instead of setting a time for myself I pretended that I was going on my first long run. With hundreds of people. I remember saying bye to Scott and Maddie before the start, "see you in an hourish?" he asked. I looked at him and smiled and thought to myself: Okay Tia, an hourish. You got this. 

Time: 57:51

Pace: 9:19/m

Overall Place: 151/335

Age Group Place: 12/30

Since I am so late on this post I am going to post some fun pictures instead of writing a novel. I know, I am lazy. 

Maddie and I- cutest dog at the event! -- (Scott's S.I.L.'s dog). We hope to get a dog ASAP. His name will be Bruce.
What I did as soon as I got home. The soreness was real after this race.  For four days. 

Happy Memorial Day! Muffins made in my our pan- Coffee poured in our new mugs. I love decor.
And this is how it ended.

As always- We out did ourselves. But of course it was totally worth it. 

Until next time.