Saturday, May 24, 2014

Every runner has a story.

It has been forever since I decided to write about running. 
I must say, it SO feels good. 
So to the guy who started a runners blog 
bless your soul. 

I often feel that running is viewed as a foreign sport.
I completely understand why.
Take me back to the basketball, softball, soccer days. Never in my life would I:
Pay to run.
Run a 5k.
Blog about running.
Run a 10k. 
Buy a pair of Asics. 
Skip around in my Asics because I bought a pair of Asics. 
Clock the distance of a run. In my car. 
Run a 13.1.
Be introduced to stress fractures. 
Loose toenails (TMI?)
Plan days and weeks around my runs?
Run a 26.2.
Sleep with a watch named Garmin (JK.)

Anyways I think you get the point. 
The point is that the sport can sound ridiculous at times.
And although I would still like to consider myself a team player, 
I have realized that running can be just as much, if not more fulfilling as any other sport. 
Weaknesses are exposed.
Improvements come weekly.
Goals are adjusted.
Goals are met. 

I know, I could go on. But for those who know exactly what I am saying. 
Amen sister.
I am so excited for the season. It calls for many good things.
Stay tuned for my adventures!!!